Physicians and Other Medical Professionals


The role of the physician in treating infectious disease has become increasingly complex. Gone are the days of simply looking up which antibiotic is most effective for the given infection. Today, every antibiotic prescription should be carefully evaluated for the relative benefit to harm ratio, and this means not using antibiotics in many cases where we did routinely not so many years ago or using shorter courses of more targeted and less harmful antibiotics. Phage therapy can be an important tool for successfully treating infections while reducing the need for antibiotics and preventing the spread of antibiotic resistance. This will be a rapidly evolving field, and we want to provide you with the resources for understanding phage therapy options and potentially helping your patients access the best resources for getting quality treatment as this field unfolds. Please use our database to better understand what is going on in the field, to investigate potential treatments and to direct your patients to the best resources for accessing high quality phage therapy where that is a reasonable option. (See Phage Therapy Centers).